Saturday, August 28, 2010

Many of Peter's books are still available. If you go to you'll see the appropriate links to 
I prefer ordering through this site, since I prefer having hard copies of books, call me old-fashioned, but that's how I am :)


  1. To be brutally honest, I feel really needs a face-lift. Some of the links no longer work, and the lack of graphics. I see this page is beautiful and so is your other Peter Page and I wonder why can't the same thing be done for

    My husband and I love Mr. McWilliams' books.
    I'm glad you have this blog so that it is easy for us to comment.

    Thanks for remembering Mr. McWilliams.

  2. i am not in charge of, i can only offer my help whenever needed :) i think it's cool that page is still there after ten years-look at it this way-the fact that ten years later Peter's books are still available for purchase-his words very much alive.

    glad you find this easy to use. and for your kind words.

  3. I am a big bookstore buff. It's annoying when I go into a Barnes and Nobles or a Borders or a Books-A-Million and they have no McWilliams books available. It would be nice if actual book stores still carried his books as I am not into buying books online. I prefer shopping to surfing anytime.

  4. I'm glad Amazon has Peter McWilliams books. It's a lot easier to find exactly what you want online rather than hunt through bookstores for days or weeks and get a big let down.