Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Real St. John's Wort and some REAL ignorance still out there

Last night I struck up a conversation with a man who popped into the coffee shop. Turns out he is a psychiatrist. Out of curiosity I asked him for his opinion of St. John's Wort.  The "Real St. John's Wort" are pills I've started taking thanks to How to Heal Depression (McWilliams/Bloomfield). These pills have helped heal my depression which for years I struggled with and for years I was given every kind of pill you could imagine.  Nothing worked, until Peter's words and St. John's Wort.

I asked him out of sheer enthusiasm for these "joy pills" as Peter described them brilliantly as being.  I asked him expecting him to respond just as enthusiastically. Instead I was greeted with a bizarre and infuriating answer.

He told me that the patients who respond positively to St. John's-he will place on Prozac!

Where is the sense in that? You are going to take a patient off a joy pill that works and load them up on Prozac?

Yes it's true, I will not criticize any person for using traditional medicine to cure anything that ails them. Peter used traditional meds for his depression, and it worked for him, I was told.  Peter also used the "combination cocktail" that doctors gave him for his dis-eases.  Sometimes you just need those type of meds.

However, for the medical community (not all, but a majority it seems) to criticize anyone for going the natural route strikes me as being archaic, asinine and just plain ignorant!

His argument was not all Wort is the made the same.

He is right. That argument is made in "How to Heal Depression," co-authored by Peter. (More to come on that beautiful book soon...)

However, "The Real St. John's Wort" is heads and shoulders above other Wort I have taken.
In the past I was forced to a whole concoction of "Zombie Sauce" as I called the medicine.  I was told at a very young age I'd be pill-popping til I died. I chose not to accept this after being a guinea pig to several clueless quacks. 

"The Real St. John's Wort" combined with vitamin B, SAM-E and exercise has been least costly, and least costly to my spirit and energy levels than any traditional drugs.

Note: I strongly urge you to share this blog with anyone who battles/suffers from depression. Please have them call 1-800-LIFE-101 and ask for the "Real St. John's Wort." It's affordable and amazing.

And I should know....because normally after a conversation like that, I'd leave feeling depressed...but now that I'm on "Joy Pills" I'm too happy to be sad!! 


  1. It seems to me it's not helpful to the patient for a doctor to write out a prescription and push it on them when they have found a natural thing that works. It's borderline irresponsible. It seems that the vast majority of the prescription drugs advertised on TV these days have significant harmful side effects that one could avoid by using the more natural product.

  2. I agree Charles, the one that always gets me is the ads for certain anti-depressants that warn people might end up feeling suicidal!

  3. I think people should take more natural products rather than these pharmaceutical generated assembly line zombifying pills. I'm grateful that Mary told me about it.

  4. JohnB, I agree with you so much on this issue. I recently figured out a way to cure my hurrendous PMS symptoms--completely naturally. I only wish doctors like my gynecologist would be a little more educated on alternative routes! They might not work for everyone, but after the relief I've experienced, it is definitely worth a mention inside the Doctor's office!