Friday, August 20, 2010

What is it about Peter McWilliams?

What possesses me to spend so much time ruminating about a man whom I never met? A man who left the world a decade ago.  What is it about Peter McWilliams that has me so fascinated and so dedicated to help keep his memory alive?

I had read "How to Survive the Loss of a Love" and fell in love with Peter's poetry.  His heartache is so real and raw it reaches out and grabs me every time.  It has helped heal my heart and has been tremendous therapy.

Only recently (last December in fact) did I truly discover "You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought." This book profoundly changed and is still changing the way I think about myself, my life and the world.  I am finally beginning to like myself, and I am noticing things are just falling into place, life is "not a struggle, it's a wiggle," just as Peter once wrote.   

I'm just beginning to delve into Peter's other works.  Everything he has written, I have a tendency fall in love with.  I am sure I would have bored Peter to tears for I agree with so many of his viewpoints and he always loved a good debate, I am told.

Peter's work ethic was so inspiring.  He was publishing his own poetry books while still in his teens. He was constantly churning out best-sellers.  He knew how to market himself
back when we didn't have the conveniences we all take for granted today.
Peter's passionate personality intrigues me.  I've learned that he could really roar if he got mad-some say that's a flaw but I say that's true beauty for it shows how much he cared about getting things right. 

His struggle with AIDS and Cancer is so heartbreaking, maddening and mystifying to me.  The amount of strength and courage he had, the humor he still showed through it all.  I know people who whine over paper cuts like it's the end of the world! 

Peter's bold battle with the government in not allowing him the precious, healing medicinal marijuana-the one salve that could save his life and help to better digest the "combination cocktail" the Doctors gave him. 

There are so many things about Peter that I love.  It is true-his words have helped change, heal and save my life. His courage in the face of fear has led me here to remember and always love him.


  1. Really well put. Sometimes even when we don't know someone, we can get a true sense of who they are regardless.

    I'm a big fan of Peter's, I loved his Personal Computer Book, and Life 101 have got to be my favorites.

    Thinking of creating a Google Account so I can follow this page officially. I wasn't aware of the Myspace page until today actually when I googled Peter's name.

    Whoever you are, keep up the passion!

  2. Hi Dave, I admit I haven't read the Computer book yet, but just glancing at it I am already intrigued by the sense of humor he sprinkles throughout, but then again that's just Peter.

    I'm glad you chose to be a part of the conversation. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Dave I am new to this too.

    My girlfriend recommended I come here, she told me to check out the Myspace page, it's so beautiful but I'm not on Myspace. I've seen other pages about Peter McWilliams but this one and the Myspace one just blew me away. I thought for sure this person must have known Peter because they just exude a passion for him. Surprising to know that's not the case. I have to agree with Dave and say I will be visiting this site regularly now. Thanks for creating an outlet for people who aren't on the social networks. I'd love to know the person behind the page.

  4. Wow Gwen thanks so much for your warmest words! Really fuels my passion for Peter even more. No I never got to know him, afraid I found out about him too late. :( I am slowly crawling out of the closet as to who I am-I guess you'll find out soon enough when the video tribute is done :)

  5. I want to congratulate you for administrating Peter's Page. For the amount of work you do purely out of the goodness of your heart. You get no pay or anything monetary out of this. You put so much work into it, and people should be aware that this a volunteer project and keep the positive feedback coming and never let Peter's memory die!

  6. JohnB, I don't feel I am worthy of such praise,
    but thank you all the same. You're one of my biggest cheerleaders and for that I'll be forever grateful.