Wednesday, September 15, 2010

via Peter's Page on Myspace: Update for those Interested ;)

September 14, 2010 - Tuesday 
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Hope everyone is in strong spirits and doing well. Here are some answers to some questions I've been asked.

Q: How is the video tribute for Peter coming along and why can't I view it yet?

A: In the process of hopefully being able to use some real live video footage of Peter speaking, in between still shots. Not as easy as it sounds- Remember, this video will have a song accompanying it. There are only a few spaces where this might work. And, I need to find the right footage to do this. I am in the process of getting a VHS tape of Peter's 1989 interview (thanks Mary!!) put onto DVD. I am hoping the videographer can come up with some footage that works. I am also waiting to hear back from a major news network which carried several interviews of Peter.  I do hope to obtain their permission!  I was able to view one of the interviews (thanks again Mary!) and saw Peter's sparkling sense of humor. Fortunately my videographer, (who does NOT want credit, God knows why, he deserves it!)  is open to my ideas. :) He is so amazing. He's with Getty Images. He comes with loads of experience, and a heart of gold too!

Q: If the song for Peter is recorded, why can't we hear this now? Why do we have to wait til the video is done?

A: I have shared my recording with Peter's Mom and a very tiny group of people (I can count on one hand).  The reason I don't go "public" with it yet is because my close friends tell me, it will have far more impact for people to hear the song along with viewing the video.

Q: You own now, so why does the site still look the same?

A: Yes, it's true, I recently purchased from the former site owner who had it for many years. The reason you don't see any changes yet is because I am working very hard on designing a new site. It's not ready to be published live to the web yet, but I am making some serious headway. I want everything at least close to being done, before you see it.

Q: How many sites do you run now for Peter?


People wonder why I devote so much of my time to all things Peter? The answer lies in how dramatically my life has changed for the better, thanks to Peter.  I love him and want everyone I meet to know how truly amazing he was and still is. :) Time well spent.... :)


  1. You truly are "Peter's Angel." It's so nice to see someone care about him so much, even after 10 years!

  2. Very touching. Very real and honest. The transparency through which you write is both heart-breaking and inspiring.