Saturday, September 18, 2010

Guest Blogger: J. Charles: Musings on Peter's Poetry, from "Come Love With Me and Be My Life" (part 1)

I admit, I'm a little perplexed that Peter didn't give any of his poems titles. So I will just refer to page numbers instead. This will be my first installment about "Come Love with Me and Be My Life, The Complete Romantic Poetry of Peter McWilliams." This book is still in print & available.

Page 1 
He seems to be anticipating love, asking the question: "How will it happen?" Peter speaks of "pre-pairing." Clever play on words. I think sometimes you just have to let it happen. 

Page 4
The poem below, reads  like a "come-on" of sorts, at a first meeting. The very last line of the poem is "What's your name?" 

"Someday we are going to be lovers.
 Maybe married.
At the very least, an affair.
What's your name?

Page 5
"I am not a total stranger, I am a perfect stranger." That really does seem like a line (LOL!) 

Page 6
This poem seems to be about the first love of Peter's life, perhaps. 

Page 7
Seems to be Peter's playful musings about what someone says.."I feel an affinity for you" rather than to say "I love you." The last line adds, "On the first date." Who says "I love you" on the first date? Hmmmmmmm???

Page 8
This poem speaks of unrequited love and sadness. Though the last line was "All I got was this poem, which I wanted to be / a happy one." 

I really like Peter's Poetry because it's so thought provoking. 

Page 10
He questions whether he was meant to be alone. "Is there / someone / in the darkness / asking / the same question?" That seems to be asking, "Where's my soulmate?"  :-)

Page 11
Risk and Positivity and positivity in taking risk when sometimes we approach risk with fear and trepidation. Expanding comfort zones!!

Page 12
Self doubt. "AM I TOO MUCH FOR YOU            or too little?"

Page 13
Sounds like Peter's being lifted out of depression by a good friend. Sounds like quite a friend to have.

So many of these poems are very personal in nature, as if he's simply talking to the object of his affection.  

Page 14
"What's a kiss between friends? / What is a friend between kisses?"

Clever word play. Perhaps friends with benefits? :)

Page 15
"Want me /and let me know/ you do"
The height of directness.

All his poetry seems to get directly to the point to what he's trying to say, some just sound clever in their word play. In the final analysis Peter's poems to me, are entertaining and provocative. 

More later.


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