Monday, October 25, 2010

To Peter on His 61st Birthday (originally posted August 5th of this year)

To Peter on his 61st Birthday
August 5, 2010

Dear Peter,

Today you would have turned sixty-one years old.  You lived quite a life.

You were like a vibrant pebble dancing across the water, creating bigger and bigger ripples across the pond, reaching out to more and more hurting and helpless souls who yearn for wisdom and warmth.

I'm trying so hard not to be sad that I never got the chance to meet or know you and that I knew of your existence a little too late.  I feel I am failing at this endeavor.

I have the deepest feeling that wherever you are today, you are pain-free, serene, and laughing that generous laugh of yours.

People still love you Peter, they still care about you and they still apply your advice, breathe in your poetry, and cling to your causes that you held so dearly to your heart. 

I'm just a young woman in the sea of so many people who have been swept away by the sands of your humanity and humble genius.

Awhile ago, I asked you to be my Guardian Angel. (What a challenge). I feel that you are watching over all of those whom you loved, and still do love.

Thank you Peter for so much. Happy Birthday wherever you may be.

I love you.


  1. i posted choice of peace and thanks and signed madeline, I am Marie Madeline Lemos-Doran, wrote annonomous cuz don't know how to do url's sorry, but to u I say, u are a light filled soul to carry on what Peter began . Know like I do there are holes in the floor of heaven and when we speak their name they peer down and send us light to u then everyone, I am honored to pay tribute to such a sorely missed soul and to me u creator of this awesome tribute..want to be friends? I would love it..ciao peace shine on.

  2. Marie thank you. Thanks for all your warmth and care..Peter is amazing. Now if only more people knew what we already do :) That's what I am here for, to help spread his message to anyone who hurts, feels like ending it all, feels like they aren't worth it, and feels alone.

    Friends? Sure!

  3. Tenderly written, brought tears to my eyes. Your love for Peter jumps off the page. Please, continue.