Friday, April 22, 2011

Patience Paying Off?

What I thought would take a few months, grew into nearly a whole year of work, delays, discoveries....

Looking back, when I first began this tribute video in Peter's honour and memory, I got so frustrated! I wanted everything to happen right then and there. I asked for some help and this talented videographer agreed to provide it.  But he was swamped!! 

I thought I had it all planned out perfectly until a friend suggested I add video footage.  I couldn't believe it! I was practically done with this video and he said that! But I never let go of his idea. I loved it.  I thought this was only going to be a slide show, but this idea was so much better..

Over the next few months I kept receiving a different photo, courtesy of someone very close to Peter (who knows who she is!!) and that in and of itself was so wonderful!! I never knew what photo would arrive next. 

And the recording of the song......I thought I had it all figured out until a very smart friend named Daniel said, hey, the strings could sound better than this....

And trying to obtain rights to use the videos.....finally receiving it....let's not forget trying to get someone "big" to provide a voice over. That went nowhere fast.  But then it opened me up to the idea of using the best voice-over person ever for this job. (Stay tuned).

And if I had rushed this, I wouldn't have had the relaxed approach of being able to ask trusted friends, "What do you think of this?" and "What should I change, if anything?" and being able to take that advice to heart. 

So you see my friends sometimes patience truly is a virtue, and Peter believed in "faithing"-believing that everything works out. And in this case it most certainly has.  I am in the middle of a delirious daze.

I just hope and trust that this video will serve sweet Peter's memory right. I hope the patience has paid off. And I hope this video will enter your room and your heart and you will hopefully enjoy it as much as I patiently and not so patiently at times, tried to put it together :)


  1. Jennifer Brown BanksApril 23, 2011 at 5:21 AM

    Bless you for all your efforts, beautiful one. :-)

    As they say, "Rome wasn't built overnight."


  2. Enjoyed the tribute on YOU TUBE today. Peter is smiling down on you. Lovely voice, lovely tribute.

    Be well! :-)