Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Moon and Me

Alone, I shivered, scoping the star-swept skies for signs of change.  My eyes settled upon the prize. 

The moon stood above me, and I felt comforted within her cocoon of silky softness. 

I stood outside at a ridiculous hour to view the lunar eclipse.  The last time a full lunar eclipse happened was over four hundred years ago. I didn't want to miss this one.  

My neck started to speak to me; since the accident the pain has come and gone but at this inconvenient moment, the pain spoke to me with resounding force.   It was then I chose not to let the pain win.  I wanted this moment, and I wanted it to myself.  I could not really look up at the moon very much because it hurt too much.  So I ended up lying down on the cold ground with a good pair of binoculars and some calming cocoa.

Peter talks about expanding our comfort zones; and sometimes that it all might be uncomfortable. This certainly was, but I knew my discomfort was nothing compared to what I was about to witness. We have the rest of our lives to spend slumbering, why not be awake now in this moment?

I felt a little lonely.  I wished I had a special one to whom I could snuggle with, closely.  Someone to watch this with. But then I thought about the lessons of Peter's LOVE 101.  I did not truly need someone there to be with, for I had myself.  But how could I truly be lonely? The serene stars surrounding me were my friends.  The sultry wind was my friend.  The moon was my friend.  And I knew somewhere on the brightest side of Heaven, Peter must have been watching the eclipse too.  I wasn't alone at all.  

I realized how lucky I was to experience this. No neighbours around for they were all slumbering sweetly in their beds.  Too drowsy to delight in this spectacle. And I had this night all to myself!  I owned the night.

A dark spec of charcoal swept across the Moon. Bit by bit, this charcoal colour swallowed the Moon.  One tiny sliver of white light prevailed, until the Moon became crowned in crimson!  What a spectacle.  It stirred my senses.

My neck began speaking again.  When the pain got to be too much, I thought of those who do not have the vision to see such a thing.  I thought of those who are too much in pain to be able to walk outside and view such a thing. And I thought of all those cozy couples-cozy, content, but asleep and missing such a masterpiece.  No dazzling ring a man could slip on my finger could ever compare to the dazzling ring around this moon! I was not lonely after all.

The joy of watching this, and sharing this experience with myself was enough.  Because of Peter's writings I am learning that just me is enough.  Just the moon and me.

Thank you Peter.


  1. This is beautiful. Makes me wish I stayed awake last night.I missed a lot!

  2. I agree with J Charles. You're a talented writer,
    in your own right. I missed the eclipse also, but you write so well, it's as if I am there too, sharing the moment. Well done!